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The watchOS 4 Developer Beta is out; here's how to get it


Apple announced the watchOS 4 today at its WWDC 2017 keynote, bringing such features as Toy Story watch faces. Now that the Developer Beta is available, here’s how you can install it.
Today, Apple kicked off its 2017 Worldwide Developer Conference, where it announced new iterations of iOS, macOS, and watchOS. Following the keynote, developer preview builds were released, as they always are after the first day of WWDC.
Early betas aren’t for the faint of heart though, and you should be aware of that. This build will likely be unstable, and unlike iOS, macOS, and tvOS, there’s no way to roll back an Apple Watch without taking it to an Apple Store.
But if this is something that you just have to have now, then here’s how you can do it, as the process is pretty simple.
Remember that once you install this, there’s no going back unless you’re willing to take that walk of shame into the Apple Store. You might want to wait for two weeks until beta 2 is released, just to be safe.

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