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Witnesses describe the London attack Video


ABC News’ Terry Moran talks to witnesses of the attack near the city’s Borough Market.
Everyone this is Terry Moran with the ABC news tonight here in London. This is. Just go one block down. World markets. Of last night’s attack and beyond. You can’t see this London Bridge where the killed 48 injured right here it’s some of the world’s media gathered. Gritty street course this morning we have we have. We have she. Still on the street down here other police activity I was on the streets last night. Perimeter defender all the way around the crimes. The other side a much. Situation there and right now we’re attacked over three attackers killed by the police last night. The investigation. Evidence that it’s going up and down the street that happened obviously a lot of work back there after this attack which began what that. Van. All of the roadway on the London Bridge into the sidewalk. Starting power through people. Coming through this and to a stop three men getting out his long blades. And went down there and to borrow market which is really one of the most festive. One. Spots in the London. Market we’ll restaurants campaign. Summer Saturday night. Bustling homeless people there that brought four. What is up over here a couple of there are students at kings. Right. Joseph Dillon and Scott Alexander are doing this. Clinton and we’ve been chatting hadn’t yet of a lot safer a couple of reasons first. Eyewitness that this. Both studied terrorism. Three years yours and you will studies. Worse. You know yeah. All of a sudden your study. Right now I’m here. You’re just. About a block away from here man because. I was talking we’re watching him we could Norman and everything to change. You everybody for joining. Into the corner and I’m. Let everybody can let. People fleeing the scene here. Safety. Of if your dorm yet. What did you see Scott from the police don’t know where they say it when we came down. So we look street. I’d be right back at them. Combustible. Previous home game on. You could see inside the inside. That’s evidence and eyewitness disease. News I’m do. Terrified I let us the what was the she just listen to. Endeavors in England. And fifty. Terrified it’s. Danny felt like something that’s always. Dailies like cold tonight with a run. Because there’s an entirely something. What went through your mind. I think every everything very much for. A must see just to update people running. We’ll get a video and it is right we had to get away. Everything thankfully haven’t. Silly and ironic. Terrible twist and turn. Every day and I read about it is he now. And twenty look at this so different. Are you doing today. If you look right after. Choices and I think London. This place. You came over here to study from a short. Time from Iowa. We’re dollars and I’m from capitalist culture. That flights. That this thing of the past. Words. And I’m great program is. Johnson’s plan right now. They won’t even labs that we can with a west. We are the awards to its. So when that was definitely in the gym so while you then here in jail fence. Few hundred feet. The we eliciting a burglar. It’s time that the Westminster. Like accidentally headed. That’s Collins there. Including a man wearing. Everything out. Scott are either. I’m fine I think that some of the British differently and that’s a real tension in the how to get under the auspices of the despite. Here’s what he’s crazy things. Once. You don’t even what it was but it is strange because as we went into the street. Able to see Google’s dispose of the road. But everyone was walking home news kennels and then when the country as happened that’s when it. And temperatures there excellently. I do things differently civilians love right here that’s. Fishing port because every people who are watching this on FaceBook and people who are following the news and president of the United States is a bit different it’s. Dangerous place he right now unless the government bonds here. Just to mention. We savings. People back and that border were covered the distance. You know keep in mind. The percentage. Terrorism. To defend. And resilience November that he came. You don’t win. A diving citizens should be. Actually and it’s. Right. Equipment and the win Wednesday. Stop right where it treats me. Coming. Five filing. Lately the percentage and I don’t know. What is being. Well I mean recently especially after matches. It. Coming felt like it was getting so. And it because he’s walking around with guns especially the tends. Done everything to stations. He’s been stationed there with guns and so runway in little way to this watching. Why did this happen. What I did as England and at least we. Well I think it’s. Vegetable red dropped off as much as. Yeah. What have you of course what would you feel comfortable with. Cullen and tale and it’s through its and I. I don’t think it’s good for me. No different legs. Got elected. And that is time. Around here this is Central London art London is a place that has. Become bitter fight over the past couple years and why we’re live. Saturday and warming Saturday night place was filled.
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