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Bethesda gives the rundown on the story behind The Evil Within 2


In the latest FAQ, Bethesda has shared some interesting plot points and backstory for one of the most anticipated horror games since Resident Evil 7, which brought back the genre in full force.
The Evil Within, which launched in 2014 was generally well received by gamers and critics alike. Even though it introduced us to the idea that games could have letter boxing, it had a pretty decent story behind it. Well, Bethesda is bringing back the franchise, with the latest installment releasing later this year. While some of us might not have played the first game, worry not, because you don’t need to know much about the first game to fully understand the sequel.
[Spoiler warning: The following two paragraphs discuss story details of the original The Evil Within .]
Bethesda has posted a FAQ on its website for those who want some backstory before diving in. According to the developer, the story revolves around Sebastian Castellanos, the protagonist from the first game. He tragically lost his daughter in a fire, or so he was led to believe. His wife lost her mind trying to come to terms with this loss, and Sebastian himself, still reeling from the horrors he experienced in the first game, turned to alcohol as a coping mechanism.
However, once he gets his wits about him, he dares to tread back into the world when he discovers his daughter might still be alive. In the first game, the STEM was introduced, and through it, human minds are connected in an alternate world. However, things took a turn for the worse, and Sebastian was drawn into this world while investigating some missing people. The company which developed the device, Mobius, has been up to some shady business and might be behind the disappearance of his child, and the brilliant detective pulls himself together to take on the challenge.
From the trailer and the previous game, it takes on several characteristics of franchises like Resident Evil 7, which itself was an unnerving experience. Horror titles have seen a lull of creativity in recent years as developers have tried to find the right angle after games like Insomnia and Call of Cthulhu set the bar quite high. Since then, the horror genre has become quite generic, especially in the indie scene. But from what is being shown, The Evil Within 2 might just bring the genre back into full swing.
The Evil Within 2 is expected to launch this October on Xbox One, PC, and PlayStation 4. You can read up into more detail at the link below.
Source: Bethesda

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