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Bluboo S1 looks impressive, will go on sale for less than $200


Bluboo has been churning out a number of handsets over the past year, but the S1 has to be its best-looking device yet. The firm is now readying its pre-sale of the device, which starts in one day.
As we cross the halfway point of the year, it’s apparent that the hot new trend for smartphones is minimizing the bezel of the display as much as possible. The surprising Xiaomi Mi MIX from last year was a little early to the party, but brought a bit of excitement and energy into an industry that had long stagnated when it came to design. Now, it appears the Bluboo is throwing its hat into the near bezel-less ring, with the official release of its S1 handset, making it available for pre-sale.
The Bluboo S1 has been seen before, but just in case you aren’t familiar, the handset features:
Although the specifications look like standard fare for a handset being released in 2017, it’s the design and price that actually elevates this model above the rest. As you can gather from the image above, the Bluboo S1 offers a screen with very little bezel, with the firm claiming a 90% screen-to-body ratio. As for price, the 4GB model will start at $159.99 according to the folks at Phone Arena, while the official website has not listed a price, but does indicate that it will be far cheaper than its competitors by a substantial amount. If interested, the global presale will start in roughly a day.
Source: Bluboo via Phone Arena

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