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Best Buy is already discounting the Samsung Galaxy Note8, promising up to $150 in savings


On August 24, retailers and carriers will start the pre-order process for the Galaxy Note8. It appears that Best Buy will be offering up to $150 off the retail price of the phone out of the gate.
After months of leaks and unofficial renders, Samsung finally revealed its latest handset today, the Galaxy Note8. Along with the reveal, the firm also let loose that it would be offering a variety of promotions with the handset, like a choice of a free 128GB microSD card and wireless charger or Gear 360 camera. It looks like Best Buy is going to take things a step further, offering up to a $150 discount.
While we won’t know how exactly Best Buy will determine what qualifies to obtain the maximum discount until it goes live, we can gain some knowledge thanks to the fine print that is associated with the upcoming promotion. The firm will apparently be deducting the savings off of the full price of the phone and it will be reflected in the monthly payments of the device. This means that those purchasing the device will most likely have to sign up for a payment plan through the carrier. This would make sense since the promotional discount does not apply for the unlocked variant.
Along with the promotional discount, those that order from the retailer will also be able to take advantage of the memory card and wireless charger or Gear 360 freebies as well. As far as other options go, T-Mobile will have it priced at $930, with AT&T and Verizon having it for $950 and $960 respectively. If you are a previous Galaxy Note7 owner, you’ll probably want to head to Samsung’s pre-order page as they are offering special pricing that could discount the handset up to $425 off the retail price.
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