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California florist gets creative with solar eclipse craze


Businesses have been getting creative and implementing hype about the solar eclipse into their products.
SACRAMENTO (KTXL) — Businesses are getting creative and implementing the solar eclipse hype into their products.
Solar eclipse glasses are becoming hard to find and many people are discovering that they are sold out in most places.
Relles Florist in midtown Sacramento advertised their new “Total Eclipse of the Heart” bouquets online Friday, offering a medium-sized bouquet with a moon and sunflower motif. The cherry on top? Eclipse glasses.
The idea was a hit. The florist sold out of all 16 bouquets within a matter of hours.
Dolores McKinnon was one of the lucky few that grabbed a hold of a bouquet.
After a much anticipated, $130 Amazon order of 10 solar eclipse glasses never showed up to her Natomas home McKinnon was at a loss. Her plan was to have friends and neighbors over for an eclipse viewing party.
“All my other deliveries have gone smoothly. Why this?” McKinnon said. “Where now, it’s impossible to find these. And so I was disappointed.”
Now she is happy she won’t be missing out on a once in a life time phenomenon.
During the few hours of the eclipse on Monday, McKinnon says she’ll take turns using the one pair of glasses with her friends and neighbors.
“I rarely buy a floral arrangement for myself, ” McKinnon said. “So ya, this will be a treat.”

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