Wesley Stromberg’s live studio video for ‘If Only’ has arrived! Watch it here.
Wesley Stromberg, 23, has collaborated with Alek Fin for their upcoming debut EP Sýna, and from the sound of the first single “If Only, ” it’s going to be gold! Above, HollywoodLife.com is exclusively premiering the live, in-studio version of the track. “I wish it could be only you and me/Forever we’ d run away, ” Wesley croons on the song, “Layin’ on a beach loving so easy/In your perfect hide away.” How good is that? We’ re obsessed, to say the least!
Wesley stopped by HollywoodLife.com to fill us in on what he’s been up to after Emblem 3, and how he’s growing as a solo artist. “This last year, I’ ve been working with Alek, and he’s an awesome producer. He has really brought a great side out of me that I have never had before — this more sensitive, intricate, intellectual side, ” Wesley revealed. “Before I was in your face, always jumping around. I love that, and it’s super fun, and I definitely want to get back to that too, but it’s been nice getting to find another side of me and bring that out.”
He also added that in the spring, he’ ll have a tour coming, and he’ ll be dropping the rest of his EP by the end of 2017. As for what the rest of his new music will be like, expect to hear some personal stories from Wesley. “Every single song on this EP is a moment in time of something that’s happened, questions that I had and needed answered, things I needed to figure out for myself, and through writing and getting them out there, I kind of answered that, ” he told us. “It’s all really personal stuff — all little pieces of me. You’ ll get it once you hear them, but a lot of it is along the lines of ‘If Only.’”
Stay tuned for more of our exclusive interview, and click through our entire photo shoot with Wesley! HollywoodLifers, what do you think of the live, in-studio version of “If Only?” Tell us if you love it!

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