A Kingdom Hearts 3 rumor that emerged last weekend at D23 Expo has since been debunked, leaving fans without any expectations for a release date reveal.
It has been a busy weekend for Kingdom Hearts 3 during and after the D23 Expo. After all, fans got their hands on a new trailer featuring Monsters Inc. However, it seems that during the hype of the weekend, a rumor emerged stating that a release date would be revealed at E3 in a few months, but that rumor has sadly been debunked.
The rumor occurred as part of a mistranslation of a single tweet. Because fans and press are so excited about Kingdom Hearts 3, it seems no one actually verified the translation of the tweet. It is clearly not an intentionally spread rumor, but news of a Kingdom Hearts 3 release date spreads like wildfire for fans who have been waiting several years now.
It appears that the tweet was made by a man that wasn’t even at the D23 Expo where the E3 announcement was supposedly revealed. The man was also simply speculating about a release date reveal occurring at E3 since it had not, in fact, been revealed at last weekend’s event. After all, with the game still set for a 2018 release, release date speculation may be commonplace amongst many gamers and fans, and E3 would be a logical step after the D23 Expo.
If the circumstances of the tweet weren’t enough to convince diehard fans that the rumor was just a rumor, Square Enix confirmed that “there was no mention of a release date timing at the show.” With the recent trailer and the latest screenshots of the game, it was still a big weekend for Kingdom Hearts 3, although it was not as big as many had originally thought.
While this rumor is debunked and nothing about a release date was revealed at the D23 Expo, that doesn’t mean a release date reveal at E3 is impossible. It just means that Square Enix didn’t announce an E3 release date reveal, but fans still shouldn’t get their hopes up. Since the game seems mostly complete and the latest trailer still said 2018, confirmation of a release date hopefully isn’t too far off.
Kingdom Hearts 3 is set to release at some point in 2018 for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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