The game developer Niantic officially announces its decision to hold a special Valentine’s Day event for the mobile augmented reality game Pokemon GO.
Just recently, the game developers at Niantic decided to give Pokemon GO trainers some fresh assets to enjoy in the form of new Gen 3 creatures to catch, which were added to the popular mobile augmented reality game several days ago. Now, the company has decided to give fans even more content to look forward to by officially announcing it will hold a special Valentine’s Day event for the ARG.
As seen below in the tweet from the official Pokemon GO Twitter account, the game’s annual Valentine’s Day event for 2018 will run from today through February 15, with Luvdisc popping up en masse all over the globe. According to Niantic, all of the players who take part in this year’s V-Day event for PoGO will be able to net three times as much Stardust for every single Luvdisc they catch.
For the uninitiated Pokemon GO trainers, Luvdisc is a Water-Type that is shaped like a heart standing on its side, with the creature being known as the “rendezvous” Pokemon. Within Pokemon lore, Luvdisc is typically associated with love and romance, with the Pokedex entry for the Pocket Monster stating that a couple finding this Pokemon will be blessed with eternal love.
While many will head out in a heartbeat to take part in this year’s V-Day event for Pokemon GO, the offerings for 2018 seem a tad paltry in comparison to the Valentine’s Day event for 2017, which increased the spawn rates of several pink Pokemon such as Chansey, Porygon, Clefable, and more. Nevertheless, the triple bonus of Stardust for every Luvdisc caught will likely be enough to lure players out into the wild.
All things considered, even though some might think that Niantic has skimped on the content for Pokemon GO‘s Valentine’s Day event for 2018, it’s great to see the developer still following through with festive assets to keep the game fresh. And should initial player reports of Shiny Luvdiscs now in the game be true – the Shiny version is gold-colored instead of pink – then it’s safe to presume many will find enough time to scour their respective environments in search of the rare Pokemon.
Pokemon GO is available now for Android and iOS devices.

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