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‘SNL’ Parodies Oscars With ‘The Grabbies’ Sketch With Charles Barkley


Did ’SNL’ give us a peek at what we could see on the real red carpet ahead of the Academy Awards this year?
With the accusations against Ryan Seacrest looming over the red carpet coverage for Sunday’s Oscars, already facing a new climate thanks to the #MeToo movement, SNL decided to go ahead and address it all in a way they know how. Instead of hiding it or making a sly joke reference on Weekend Update, the show put together an entire award show dedicated to the behavior that many are saying “times up” to over the past few month.
The Grabbies travels down the laundry list of accusations and offenses made by numerous men — and some women, apparently — in Hollywood and puts them in the spotlight for all to see. The smiles and glamour of your typical red carpet are there, but the behavior doesn’t seem to be tolerated. People disappear and most of the coverage crew still seems appalled by the celebrities popping up. It’s sorta like one of those fake contests used to capture people with arrest warrants, except this is a full-fledged awards show and everybody is apparently in on the gag.

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