Haven’t filed your taxes yet? You’re running out of time to file without penalty
If you haven’t filed your taxes yet, the time is quickly ticking away with the deadline to file them without penalty falling on Tuesday, April 17.
WMAZ spoke with a tax director and got some of his tips on what you can do if you haven’t filed yet.
Tax season is the time of the year that people either love or hate, but according to the IRS, electronic filing is up 2.2 percent this year versus 2017.
George Cauble with H&R Block advisors says people are still waiting for the last minute.
“Lately we have been very busy. We got hammered Friday and Saturday,” Cauble said.
He says that those who wait to file their taxes usually are just procrastinators, but some are weary because they may owe.
“Taxes are not one of the more pleasant things that people like to do if they think they’re going to owe, so they just put off an untasteful or unpleasant task,” Cauble said.
But filing your taxes is something that Cauble recommends you do before the state and federal deadline this week.
Cauble says if you were unemployed in 2017, you still need to file.
“Unemployment is taxable, and if they’re married, their spouse may have taxable income as well, so they do not need to just ignore filing,” Cauble said.
If you do not think you’re going to make the April 17 deadline, you can log onto www.irs.gov and fill out a 4868 form for an extension, but even if you do fill out the form, you may be still charged a penalty from the IRS.
Regardless of if you are trying to avoid that penalty or are just a procrastinator, Cauble has this advice.
“The most important thing is get the tax return filed, whether if you do it yourself or pay a tax preparer, get them filed,” Cauble said.
He also recommends looking over the new tax code to get you ready for the next filing period.

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