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The Berlin-based Nimrod Ensemble connects with Jerusalem
Embracing wide-ranging cultural strains is hardly a new notion when it comes to the performance of music, even Western classical music. That certainly applies to the Nimrod Ensemble. The Berlin-based quartet will make its first appearance in this country Sunday evening at the YMCA in Jerusalem at 8 p.m. The troupe’s stratified ethos comes across, on the most basic level, simply by virtue of the members’ nationalities. The foursome comprises Swiss violinist Christophe Horak, Italian violist Francesca Zappa, Belgian pianist Yannick Van de Velde, and “our very own” clarinetist Nur Ben Shalom, who was born and grew up in Tel Aviv. Ben Shalom has called Berlin home for the past decade and in the interim, has furthered his promising career with synergies all across the globe, including stints with the German Opera House Orchestra in Berlin, the Berliner Philharmoniker and a fun gig with classical composer John Williams. Now 27, highly personable Ben Shalom is delighted to come here with his pals in a professional capacity.

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