And Alfre Woodard’s character is having none of it
Forget Luke Cage, Mariah Dillard is Harlem’s new savior.
In the final trailer for the upcoming Season 2 of “Marvel’s Luke Cage,” the “Queen of Harlem” is facing off with the Bushmaster (Mustafa Shakir), who will stop at nothing to take the borough from her. Seriously, the dude tries to set Alfre Woodard’s character on fire. But Mariah, who ascended to power in Harlem’s underworld after Cottonmouth’s death, insists you don’t need to be bulletproof to be a superhero.
“Black women have always had superpowers; turning pain into progress,” she says in the clip. “Harlem doesn’t need a hero, it needs a Queen.”
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Meanwhile, the series’ titular character — played by Mike Colter — is struggling with the idea of cutting in to this showdown to ensure the safety of Mariah — and his neighborhood.
Here is the official logline for Season 2 of “Luke Cage”: After clearing his name, Luke Cage has become a celebrity on the streets of Harlem with a reputation as bulletproof as his skin. But being so visible has only increased his need to protect the community and find the limits of who he can and can’t save. With the rise of a formidable new foe, Luke is forced to confront the fine line that separates a hero from a villain.
The street-hero series is executive produced by Cheo Hodari Coker, Jim Chory and Jeph Loeb. Lucy Liu directed the premiere. “Marvel’s Luke Cage” also stars Colter, Woodard, Theo Rossi and Rosario Dawson.
“Luke Cage” Season 2 launches June 22 on Netflix.

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