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White House Flag Briefly Marks John McCain’s Death


The White House flew the American flag at half-staff on Sunday after the death of Senator John McCain, but it returned to its full height Monday. It remained at half-staff at the Capitol.
WASHINGTON — The White House inexplicably flew the American flag at full-staff on Monday, after lowering it a day earlier in honor of Senator John McCain.
The lowering and raising of the flag amplified the division between President Trump and the longtime Republican senator, who died Saturday at 81. Mr. Trump offered his condolences on Saturday to Mr. McCain’s loved ones, but he has said nothing about Mr. McCain.
Before he died, Mr. McCain had asked that Mr. Trump not attend his funeral, a snub that speaks to the late senator’s rocky relationship with the president.
Mr. McCain was one of few Republicans in Congress who pushed back against Mr. Trump and publicly criticized his style of leadership.
The status of the flag made the rounds on social media on Monday morning, as Mr. Trump posted messages on Twitter about professional football and the golfer Tiger Woods.

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