Light up the night with an LED Halloween costume and stand out in a crowd. Check out these glowing deep sea creatures, creepy clowns, and stick figure costumes.
Halloween night is meant to be a dark, mysterious time when the sound of twigs snapping makes you jump and strange nightmarish things float out of the dark toward you with a supernatural glow. Or you could be that luminescent creature in the dark with an LED Halloween costume. Unlike glow in the dark costumes, LED costumes don’t need to be charged up by a bright light (which immediately kills your night vision) and won’t fade on you halfway through your trick or treating, the party, or costume parade. Plus it’s just plain fun to have light up clothes at any age.
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For a unique costume when you’re out in the dark, bring the terrors of the deep sea onto your neighborhood streets. The angler fish lives deep in the ocean and uses its light up “lure” to attract prey toward those fearsome jaws–and this is a costume that is going to attract a lot of attention.
When you combine this angler fish hat with a black zentai bodysuit, you can recreate that nightmarish sea monster swimming through the pitch black with its lure illuminated.
In contrast to this spiny fish, this plush hat is soft and comfortable to wear. A hidden band adjusts to suit your head size and the fish is highly detailed. Your face sits inside the creature’s wide, toothy mouth so there are no finicky eyeholes to try to see out of.
The lure is over a foot long and has a glowing LED bulb on the end of it that is powered by a built in battery pack
If you’re looking for something matching, check out the full body octopus costume I featured in my best unusual Halloween costumes of 2018 .
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Whether your costumes is an angel, fairy, butterfly, Pegasus, rainbow, or other ethereal creature, these LED Angel Wings lend an air of the supernatural with their flowing fairy lights. Between 228 and 316 LED bulbs illuminate these transparent wings in a range of color combinations from pure white to all the colors of the rainbow.
They’re powered by three AA batteries held in a white battery-pack with an easy to reach on and off button so you can flash your wings while you move.
The wings attach to included telescoping rods that extend your wingspan out to nearly 10 feet wide and five feet tall. That said, these are too large to be suitable for children or those shorter than five feet tall.
There are 13 color combinations to choose from including gold, green-blue-purple, and white .
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Turn yourself into a stick figure with this costume kit from GlowCity. You can wear your own clothes with this and simply attach the LED ropes with the provided clips to transform you, or your little one, into a walking stick figure in the dark this year.
It’s a good fit for people up to six feet tall and includes instructions on how to trim the ropes for shorter folks and child. Everything is battery powered and the glasses run on a separate battery so you can skip them if you’d rather or switch them out for a different glowing mask.
There are nine colors to choose from including neon green, pink, and blue .
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For some clowns are fun, silly performers. For others they’re their worst nightmare. This clown mask is creepy with the lights on and off. On, you’ve got one angry clown who looks like they’ve got nasty plans in mind. Lights off, that same menacing face is outlined in LED wire so it glows in the dark.
The mask is powered by two AA batteries (not included) in a small battery-pack with a long cord so you can clip it onto your costume wherever it’s most convenience. The lights have four settings: off, on, slow blink, and fast blink so you can control how you want your floating clown face to appear in the dark.
The mask is made with FDA registered PVC so it won’t have that strong, stereotypical Halloween mask smell which is a huge plus. The inside of the mask is lined with soft foam for a comfortable fit and an adjustable head band keeps everything in place.
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Keeping with ocean theme, this LED jellyfish hat will turn you into a beautiful but deadly aquatic being. It’s a pink hat with irridescent fabric covering the top and hanging from the sides to form the tentacles.
Strings of LED lights are housed in the top section of the hat and cause the whole dome of the jelly to glow. The tentacles don’t glow, but will flow around you as you walk. It takes four AA batteries (not included) split between two battery-packs which are both stored in the hat, inside easy to reach pouches.
This LED Halloween costume really isn’t sized for children, so it’s probably best for adults. You can pick up a metallic silver zentai body suit, like the one in the photo, or wear whatever clothing you’d like your jellyfish to rock.
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Bringing the nightmare of The Purge to your town, this Zipper Face Mask comes complete with spattered gore. It’s woven with green LED wire that is powered by a two AA batteries (not included).
The mask is connected by a long cord to the battery-pack so you can stow the pack wherever it is most convenient for you. The LED lights have four modes to choose from to creep out your friends–off, on, slow blink, and fast blink. Throw on a Statue of Liberty Costume and you’re good to go.
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When you want some versatility in your tools of terror, check out this 2-in-1 Jason and Skull Mask. It arrives with the watch batteries included, installed, and ready to go.
At first glance, it’s a creepy white Jason Voorhees mask that glows from within with a touch of a button. But lift up the mask, and it reveals a second silver skull mask underneath with the LED rope running between its jaws. The top mask can be removed with a simple screw depending on what kind of horror you’re in the mood for.
The LED has seven modes: off, on, slow flash, quick flash, red, blue, and green. This is the first LED costume piece we’ve seen where you can alter the color of your lights. The one thing I would change is that the control button is set on top of the mask so it can be a little tricky to adjust while you’re wearing it.
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If you’re little one can’t decide between being a fairy princess or a witch, try this Sparkle Witch costume what comes with purple lace-up witch’s hat, purple magic wand, and flouncy purple dress with LED lights strung into the tutu skirt.
A battery pack hidden in the skirts of this led Halloween costume powers the twinkling lights that will have your little witch giggling for sure. Anytime you give small children access to something with wires, there’s a chance they could pull them and cause them to stop working, so keep in mind that this is always a risk.

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