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Five Marines Missing After War Planes Crash


Two military aircrafts crashed 200 miles off Japan’s coast
Five U. S. Marines are still missing after two military aircraft crashed roughly 200 miles off the coast of Japan early Thursday.
Rescuers are searching for the missing Marines but have still not been able to locate them, according to U. S and Japanese authorities, NBC News reported.
Seven Marines were involved in the crash and two of the men have been found, according to the Japanese Defense Ministry. A Japanese military ship found one of the Marines who was killed in the crash, according to CNN. His body was taken to a hospital to be evaluated.
The other Marine is in “fair condition,” according to NBC.
The incident occurred after two military planes collided and crashed into the Sea of Japan early Thursday morning. An F/A-18 fighter jet carrying two passengers struck a KC-130 aircraft during refueling.
“We are thankful for the Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force’s, the Japanese Coast Guard’s, and the U.

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