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'The View's Joy Behar Says Michael Cohen is a 'Thug' Like Donald Trump After Attorney's Sentenced to Prison


Joy Behar and her fellow ‘The View’ co-hosts gave a scathing critique of Michael Cohen after he was sentenced to three years in prison one day prior.
The View ‘s hosts didn’t hold back when weighing in on lawyer Michael Cohen’s three-year prison stint. Joy Behar, however, deemed President Donald Trump’s former right-hand man to be a “thug” in her critique.
Cohen, 52, served as Trump’s attorney from 2006 to 2018. He was given a three-year sentence on Wednesday after pleading guilty to multiple charges in August, including tax evasion and silencing women through payment during the 2016 presidential election. In court, Cohen suggested it was his “duty” to conceal Trump’s “dirty deeds.”
As The View ‘s hosts tackled Cohen’s sentencing, they addressed his blind allegiance to Trump and how he was also charged with things unrelated to the president. Meghan McCain, who referred to Cohen as Trump’s “yes man,” questioned how the attorney claimed to be living in a “mental incarceration under a candidate.

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