There’s nothing wrong with the ‘no license, no chips’ accusation at the heart of the government’s case against the mobile chipmaker, Steve Mollenkopf argues.
The Federal Trade Commission thinks your phone is being held back by Qualcomm’s business practices. But Qualcomm Chief Executive Steve Mollenkopf says the way his company sells chips to smartphone makers is best for everybody involved.
Qualcomm’s “no license, no chips” policy is at the heart of the FTC’s case against Qualcomm, which lawyers are arguing before Judge Lucy Koh in US District Court in San Jose this month. Mollenkopf was among the witnesses who testified on Friday.
Under the policy, companies must license Qualcomm’s patents before it will sell them chips. Qualcomm customers, such as Apple, don’t like that one bit.
Mollenkopf says the practice is simply the best way to get things done for the whole industry, not just for his company. That’s because Qualcomm’s patent licenses cover lots more technology a phone might use than simply what’s in his company’s modem chips, which let phones talk to mobile networks.

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