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Pokemon GO: How to Get Leafeon


Pokemon GO’s latest update adds Mossy Lure Modules to the popular mobile game, which allow players to evolve Eevee into the grass-type Leafeon when used correctly.
Ever since Gen 4 Pokemon were added to Pokemon GO, fans have been waiting for their chance to add Glaceon and Leafeon to their collection. Now, it’s finally possible to get Glaceon and Leafeon in Pokemon GO, thanks to the game’s latest update that added some brand new Lure Modules with special features.
The new Lure Modules include the Glacial Lure Module, the Magnetic Lure Module, and the Mossy Lure Module. For Pokemon GO fans wanting to get Leafeon, they need to focus on the Mossy Lure Module. The Mossy Lure Module, like the Glacial Lure Module and the Magnetic Lure Module, is obtained in the shop.

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