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Microsoft, Google announce cloud gaming platform launches


October for xCloud beta, November for Stadia launch.
Competing cloud-gaming platforms Project xCloud and Stadia, from technology giants Microsoft and Google respectively, have received launch dates: A public preview for Project xCloud will launch in October 2019, while Stadia will be fully available shortly after in November.
Unveiled by Microsoft in October last year, Project xCloud is a Netflix-style all-you-can-eat subscription gaming service which allows Xbox titles to be played on lower-end devices including smartphones and tablets. Demonstrated back in March, the software was promised to be made available for public use later this year – and Microsoft has now confirmed that an open beta is to launch in October this year, following a closed beta which began at the Electronics Entertainment Expo (E3) last night.in October last yearNetflix-style all-you-can-eat subscription gaming serviceDemonstrated back in March
Microsoft is far from the only company looking to shift the heavy computational processing of modern gaming into remote servers, however: Google’s rival platform, Stadia, was unveiled in March this year as running on servers powered by Intel processors and semi-custom AMD GPUs offering 4K resolution gaming at 60 frames per second – at the cost of 50Mb/s of bandwidth, it has to be noted.

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