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George Floyd death: Chicago protests escalate again Saturday after police injured,108 arrests made overnight


Chicago demonstrators marched in solidarity with protests in Minnesota over the killing of George Floyd by white former police officer Derek Chauvin, who was arrested and charged with third degree murder Friday.
CHICAGO (WLS) –Demonstrators are returning to the streets in Chicago’s Loop Saturday to call for justice in the death of George Floyd, a black man who died after a white Minneapolis police officer pressed a knee into his neck. Thousands of protesters continue to march through city streets after Mayor Lori Lightfoot issued a warning.”We’re going to give people space,” Lightfoot said. But she added, “We won’t tolerate lawlessness.”Some businesses boarded up in anticipation of another round of protesting, which began Saturday afternoon. ABC7’s Chopper 7HD flew over crowds of demonstrators in the Loop, where the CTA has temporarily suspended service due to protest activity. The northbound lanes of Chicago’s Lake Shore Drive at Roosevelt is also shut down. As anger and protests in Minneapolis continue, Chicago activists held a similar protest Friday. Over 100 were arrested after large crowds of protesters clashed with Chicago police overnight in the Loop. Late Friday night, a crowd gathered near Trump Tower before moving down State Street into the Loop about midnight. Marchers carried signs and chanted to protest the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis police custody. Several protesters could be seen throwing bottles, climbing onto cars and damaging property early Saturday near State and Harrison streets before officers took multiple people into custody. Chicago Police Superintendent David Brown said 108 people were arrested, and 12 squad cars were damaged in the incident. Most of those arrested face disorderly conduct charges, but one individual was armed and faces additional charges, Brown said. He also said about a dozen officers were injured. One broke a wrist, as protesters advanced on police, Brown said.”This is hard and it’s not easier when we have a president who is inciting, I think, violence. Let’s be better than him. Let’s be better than those who want to see us turn on ourselves, but do it in a way that’s respectful,” Lightfoot said. Brown agreed.”We believe in first amendment rights, but we also believe this is a nation of laws, but lawlessness has no place in this country,” he said. Lightfoot recalled the killing of Laquan McDonald as a painful period for the city but also a time of peaceful protest.”This moment that we are in really has unearthed generations of pain and anger and frustration among black folks, communities of color and others around their experience of policing in America and their experience of policing in Chicago,” she said.

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