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Coronavirus safety plans already put to the test as some communities start the school year


A new school year began this week in some communities across the United States, bringing with it the first glimpse at how the Covid-19 pandemic will shape education.
Top infectious disease expert Dr. Anthony Fauci has warned that children going back to school will be “part of the experiment” of understanding the virus.
An Indiana school district was put to the test on the first day Thursday when the Hancock County Health Department told a junior high school that a student who had attended part of the day tested positive, Superintendent Dr. Harold Olin said in his letter to parents.
The school enacted its “Positive COVID-19 Test Protocol,” isolated the student and professionally disinfected the school, Olin said.
“It was very evident today that nearly all of our families and students were prepared to properly follow the safety protocols we have established,” Olin wrote to parents. “Adhering to these protocols is essential for maintaining a safe environment for all students and staff.”
Infections in younger people
While early data suggested that older Americans were most at risk for the disease, concern for teens and young adults has grown as they have gathered in reopened public spaces and some prepare to return to school.
The California Department of Public Health confirmed the first coronavirus-related death of a teenager in the state on Friday. The department did not provide information on the patient except to say that the teenager did have underlying health conditions.

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