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Signs of the Sojourner Review (PS4)


A game at which you can’t win or lose, yet you get tired
From the get-go the game developed by Echodog Games is a strange one: it tries to combine a narrative experience with a card game. Signs of the Sojourner presents all its dialogues as a game of cards, but do not think about poker, rather about Go fish! or Uno. The different signs on the cards, that you will have to match with the symbols played by your interlocutor, are related to words and tones you may imply in a real conversation. As a result, there is no clear concept of winning or losing, although your journey may end prematurely, or even in a completely surprising way, based on how well you communicate using the 5 cards you hold in your hand. As you progress through the game you will discover new symbols continually extending your tone and speaking abilities from basic ones such as logical and observant, into more advanced ones like diplomatic or empathic. The way you chain together the cards will define the outcome of each dialogue. Some of the cards you will be able to pick up will grant you different bonuses such as seeing the other person’s cards or duplicating the previously played card. It is mainly up to you how your deck will turn out since at the end of each conversation you will have to choose a new card and drop an old one. In the end, the 10 card deck should be an expression of your character’s personality and evolution. Yet, sometimes you will feel that the odds were stacked against you and that the developers are sending you down a predetermined path. Instead of being based on random draws from your deck, Signs of the Sojourner chooses to deal you the same cards in certain dialogues.

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