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Apple Music Voice Plan: everything we know (and what we don’t)


Half the price, but do you get half the Apple Music fun with only Siri to control things?
Apple kicked off its Apple Unleashed Event coverage by letting the world know that a new Apple Music plan was coming – the Voice Plan. Half the price of the standard Apple Music plan, it’s designed for those that like to use Siri to command their Apple devices (although how many people that really is remains to be seen). However, contained within that description is something rather mysterious – what does Voice Plan really mean? What music can you listen to? What are you losing by skipping half the price? So what will you get? Basically, Siri is your own personal DJ, allowing you to ask it to play you things wherever you can talk to the personal assistant. You’ll be able to ask for more things in terms of the types of music you’re after – not just ‘hit music’ or ‘country songs’, but ‘dinner party playlist’ or ‘music for hiking’ will be enabled. You’ll be able to skip through songs using Siri, and the artwork used suggests you’ll be able to tap the screen to jump through – although we’ve not had that last point confirmed by Apple. The key thing revolves around what’s meant by ‘Siri’: we all interpret that as the voice assistant only, but you’re also able to see the songs that have been played recently, as well as listener recommendations.

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