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BTS Is Going On A Break


The biggest band in the world is taking a hiatus, but fans have no need to worry.
After one of the most exciting years in their time together, the members of BTS are all going their separate ways. But fans of the South Korean band don’t need to fret, as it isn’t for good, but rather just for a short break. The news was shared by BTS’s management company Big Hit, and it was published on social media, immediately going viral. While fans of some acts may be quite upset regarding such a revelation, ARMYs (the name BTS fans have taken for themselves) were quick to support the septet. Thousands of followers rushed to comment that the band deserves some time off, and many have a feeling it won’t be long before the performers are back, as this has happened before. In 2019, BTS also took a hiatus, one which only ended up lasting a few months. Typically, K-pop acts are always on, recording new music, performing for fans and creating other forms of content, so a break may only last a matter of weeks or months, as opposed to several years. After the 2021 BTS has enjoyed, few can argue they haven’t earned some time off. The South Korean boy band released one album this year, BTS, the Best, a compilation aimed at the Japanese market. It quickly rose to No.1 on that country’s albums ranking, and it even broke into the top 20 on the Billboard 200 in America.

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