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Call of Duty will continue to be on PlayStation, even after Microsoft's Activision takeover


Microsoft Gaming CEO has answered some lingering questions on the future of Activision titles on the PlayStation Store. In a new tweet, he has confirmed that the Activision games will remain on the PS ecosystem, at least for now.
Microsoft’s plans to take over gaming giant Activision Blizzard has been a reason to rejoice for gamers. The most simple and straightforward understanding of the deal is that celebrated Activision titles will now be featured in both Xbox and PC Game Pass. The same was indicated by Microsoft in its note announcing the deal. While most are now waiting for the acquisition to be final, users of Sony PlayStation have been left in a state of confusion. That is because Sony and Activision had a long-standing deal that features many Activision games on the PlayStation Store. Call of Duty, one of the biggest franchises by the US-based game developer, is also seen on the PS Store in many different iterations, with some even being free for players to download and play.

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