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Dean Cain Is Making a New Christmas Movie


Social media has revealed that Dean Cain is filming a new Christmas movie.
Crown Media Dean Cain on Broadcasting Christmas. Dean Cain is making a new Christmas movie, according to recent Instagram posts. It’s not yet clear which network will be airing his new movie, which will likely release in the 2022 Christmas season later this year. He’s previously made a number of movies for The Hallmark Channel before moving more into faith-based productions. The Twitter account @SleepyKittyPaw shared that this is a “faith-based” Christmas movie and it’s filming in New Mexico. Dean Cain currently filming a new, faith-based Christmas movie in New Mexico with Richard Gabai, Tank Jones, Janeshia Adams-Ginyard and Alaina Huffman. ???? https://t.co/cbfYgxJBgU pic.twitter.com/iCUcSNfKJ1 Ho! Holiday Viewing! (@SleepyKittyPaw) January 22, 2022 Richard Gabai, Tank Jones, Janeisha Adams-Ginyard, and Alaina Huffman were also seen in photos with Cain. Logan Rabe shared the photos on his Instagram page. The photos were tagged at the Val Verde Historic Hotel Socorro, which is a historic building in New Mexico. The hotel was first built in 1918-1919 by Henry C. Trost. A post shared by Logan N Rabe (@rabe.logann) Rabe wrote on his post, “ Filming in nm. @deuces1966 has been super nice. #Christmasmovie I’ve been able to be in front and moms @mamarabe_andfam been teaching me back of camera on this one too and I’m loving it. Love this old hotel we’re filming at.” One person commented, “You’re working with Dean Cain?! That’s awesome!” Another person replied, “Whats funny is I was supposed to be an extra on the set for the Christmas party, I had missed it due to a family problem.

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