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How to Get 3 Free Cobra Kai Cosmetics in Fortnite


Here’s how you can get more Cobra Kai cosmetics for free in Fortnite.
Epic Games In a surprise to practically nobody, Fortnite is celebrating the release of Cobra Kai Season 4 with some new skins and emotes in the Item Shop, but there’s a way for players to get their hands on even more cosmetics from the show by playing the game. We’re talking about the upcoming All Valley Cup, a reference to the original Karate Kid films as well as Cobra Kai, and now it’s coming to Fortnite. This is a tournament, so you will need to bring your A-game, but it’s actually not going to be as hard as previous cups like this have been. Instead of having to reach a point threshold or top 100 in region, you can instead just place in the top 50 percent of players and come away with a prize. This is much more doable than most of the tournaments, so let’s take a look at what you can win and how you can do it.

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