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iPhone SE 3 or iPhone SE Plus 5G – what will Apple name its next phone?


There’s a suggestion that the next iPhone SE could be called the iPhone SE Plus 5G, but how likely is that?
We’re expecting the iPhone SE 3 to land soon, with rumors suggesting a launch sometime between March and May, but when it does launch it probably won’t do so as the iPhone SE 3. That’s not surprising – that’s never been Apple’s naming scheme for the range, we’ve just been using it to make it clear it’s the third model. The name we were actually expecting was just the iPhone SE, or the iPhone SE (2022), following on from the iPhone SE (2020). Except it’s now looking like that might not be its name either. For a long time we’ve been hearing rumors of an iPhone SE Plus, and while this was thought to be a different phone in the SE range (perhaps one that could land alongside an iPhone SE 3), a recent leak suggests that the iPhone SE 3 will actually launch as the iPhone SE Plus 5G. But will it really? There’s no shortage of leaks and rumors around an iPhone SE Plus or an iPhone SE Plus 5G. We first heard of an iPhone SE Plus all the way back in early 2020, before the iPhone SE (2020) had even landed. Since then, leaks about this phone have periodically popped up, with the most recent ones suggesting it will land in 2022, and with suspiciously similar specs to what we were expecting from the iPhone SE 3, including a 4.

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