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Kid Rock’s New Single Chants ‘Let’s Go Brandon’ and Lambasts Dr. Fauci


The American musician Kid Rock has released a politically charged new single that chants ‘Let’s go Brandon’ in its chorus, while also attacking Dr. Anthony… 25.01.2022, Sputnik International
Kid Rock is back with more music, releasing three songs on Tuesday. His new single “We The People” is ripe with conservative lyrics to satisfy any right-wing American’s music taste. In a message to fans on Facebook, Kid Rock addresses his upcoming tour and describes the lyrics for his new releases, claiming that “We The People” addresses the social justice issues that come with being a Trump fan. Ironically, he went on to clarify that the end of the song is meant to actually unify listeners. “We can believe differently, I think that’s one thing that’s made this country great,” he added. However, it’s clear from Kid Rock’s We The People lyrics that not everyone will be getting a peace offering, spewing “F*** CNN, f*** TMZ” and “You piece of s***, I don’t see color/ ‘Black lives matter’, no shit motherf*****!” Moreover, the notion of ‘colorblindness’ when addressing people who aren’t white, which Kid Rock is, has been heavily criticized by social experts and individuals in the Black community as perpetuating and worsening racism.

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