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The Green Knight's Most Iconic Set Was Discovered on Accident


The production designer behind The Green Knight pulls back the curtain on the film’s most iconic sets.
A version of this story about the production design of “The Green Knight” first appeared in the Below-the-Line Issue of TheWrap’s awards magazine. According to legend, King Arthur and his Knights of the Round Table lived in Britain in the 5th and 6th centuries. But stories of Arthur were generally told much later in the Middle Ages and then again in the 19th century, and there’s considerable dispute about whether he existed at all. All of this means that when director David Lowery and production designer Jade Healy set out to tell an Arthurian tale in “The Green Knight,” they weren’t worried about being true to the time period. “We really wanted to allow ourselves space to be free with how we would interpret medieval times, and we were not interested in giving ourselves rules,” Healy said. “We did lots of research to use as a base for what we were doing — but the Knights of the Round table live in the audience’s minds, and that’s what was important.” Even the table itself got something of a makeover in this reimagining: Rather than the usual solid slab of wood, it’s a huge circle that’s open in the center and has a gap at one end so that people can stand in its center.

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