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Amazon's Big Fire OS Upgrade To Android 11 Will Bring New Features – SlashGear


Amazon is about to give Fire OS its first big upgrade in two years, though the rollout will push the platform to an older version of Android.
Although it might come as a shock to many people, Amazon is one of the biggest Android tablet makers that doesn’t make headlines or get included in charts. That’s because the Fire OS platform it puts on its Fire tablets might not qualify as what many consider Android, but there’s a true Android operating system underneath regardless — just not one that is certified by Google. That said, Amazon doesn’t behave like a typical Android device manufacturer either, especially when it comes to keeping Fire OS in sync with the mainline Android Open Source Project (AOSP). That’s why when Fire OS 8 for the upcoming Fire 7 (2022) tablet was revealed, there was a great deal of fuss over the update, especially among Amazon Fire device owners. The Amazon Fire 7 (2022) on its own is already a significant upgrade over its 2019 predecessor because of the internal changes. Although the 7-inch screen and 2MP front and rear cameras remain the same, the processor has been bumped up to 2GHz from 1.

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