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Google foldable Pixel phone launch delayed to 2023, report claims


A new report claims that Google might have delayed the launch of the Pixel Notepad, it’s first foldable phone, for a second year in a row.
Google did something unexpected at I/O 2022 a few weeks ago. After unveiling the Pixel 6a mid-range phone and the new Pixel Buds Pro earphones, Google previewed plenty of hardware that’s not hitting stores soon. We saw the Pixel Watch, Pixel 7 Pro and Pixel 7, and the first Google Pixel Tablet. But the first-gen Google foldable phone wasn’t part of that teaser. And now we might know why: The handset’s launch is reportedly delayed to sometime next year. Reports last year claimed that Google planned to launch a foldable handset by the end of 2021. According to rumors, the phone would have joined the Pixel 6 series. But we then learned that Google wasn’t happy with it. The foldable phone had to be more competitive, and that’s why the launch was postponed to 2022. The handset wasn’t canned, though we did learn a potential new name for the phone. Pixel Fold seemed like the obvious choice for the foldable, although Google never confirmed such a moniker. This year, Pixel Notepad became the new unofficial name for Google’s handset.

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