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At Trump rally in Illinois, Rep. Mary Miller calls reversal of Roe a ‘victory for white life’


Miller and Rep. Rodney Davis are facing off in a GOP primary battle where some $12 million in outside money is flooding the 15th congressional district.
Freshman GOP Rep. Mary Miller, standing next to former President Donald Trump at a rally to boost her re-election bid in downstate Mendon — and reading from a notebook — said the Supreme Court decision to overturn the landmark abortion rights case Roe v. Wade was a “victory for white life.”
The crowd at the Adams County Fairgrounds on Saturday cheered. One tweet with a clip of Miller’s “white life” quote was at 10.6 million views as I write this on Sunday. Miller is a farmer from Oakland, raised in Naperville and married to GOP state Rep. Chris Miller. Miller is in a battle for her political survival, facing another Republican in the Tuesday Illinois primary, Rep. Rodney Davis, of Taylorville, who is seeking a sixth term. Here’s her entire quote: “President Trump, on behalf of all the MAGA patriots in America, I want to thank you for the historic victory for white life in the Supreme Court yesterday. Our victories for life and the second amendment would have have been possible if the never Trump RINOs had gotten their way.”
There is enormous national interest in this central Illinois primary, where Trump is trying to increase the number of MAGA Republicans in the House who make fealty — not just mere loyalty — to Trump a priority. MAGA is a reference to the Trump slogan, “Make America Great Again.”
RINO — Republican in Name Only — is a term long hurled against Republicans seen as not part of the conservative wing of the party.

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