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Russia trying to drag Belarus into conflict Ukraine


Ukrainian intelligence is claiming that massive missile shelling from Belarus territory was a Kremlin provocation Russia is ldquodr
Ukrainian intelligence is claiming that? massive missile shelling? from Belarus? territory was a Kremlin? provocation? Russia is “dragging” Belarus into its military offensive against Ukraine, that country’s intelligence agency claimed on Saturday, commenting on alleged shelling of several of its regions, which came from the territory of Belarus. In a statement on Facebook, the Chief Directorate of Intelligence of the Ukrainian Defense Ministry described what it called “a large-scale provocation by Russia for the purpose of further dragging Belarus into the war against Ukraine.”
It claimed that after 5am on Saturday, Chernigov, Kiev and Sumy regions suffered “a massive missile shelling” by rockets fired by six Russian bombers from the city of Petrikov, Belarus, approximately 50-to-60 kilometres from the Ukrainian border.
“This is the first case of an air strike across Ukraine directly from the territory of Belarus. Today’s shelling is directly related to the efforts of the Kremlin authorities to drag Belarus into the war in Ukraine as a direct participant”, the intelligence agency said.

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