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Climate deal picks winners, losers and more commentary


Sen. Joe Manchin last year “rightly criticized a bonus tax credit for union-made electric vehicles in the Build Back Better bill,” recall The Wall Street Journal’s editors, saying, “We shouldn’t use everyone’s tax dollars to pick winners and losers.” “Yet that’s exactly what his tax and climate deal with Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer does” by writing into law unfair advantages for union labor. It will “raise project costs” thanks to unionized workers’ far higher wages and benefits, “which will be borne by utility ratepayers and taxpayers.” This “could also push up wages in local labor markets and raise costs for manufacturers and contractors.” So “how does this reduce inflation?”
“Liberalism is dying, and the American right is ascendant,” declares Daniel McCarthy at Spectator World. Democrats “run as if they were still the party of the New Deal, not new genders,” with “little to offer voters outside of the cities that are already their strongholds.” They disdain “a third or more of the American public,” and “the voters they deplore then come to take an even dimmer view of the institutions that liberals control.” But the GOP may end up “with more responsibility than it can handle.” Can Republicans “govern a country that is more secular and urban than the GOP’s own heartlands?” If they can’t, America “will be directionless and shambling in a century when stability and cohesion are the world’s most precious commodities.

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