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Clojure: Destructuring


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In The Joy of Clojure (TJoC) destructuring is described as a mini-language within Clojure. It’s not essential to learn this mini-language; however, as the authors of TJoC point out, destructuring facilitates concise, elegant code.
One of the scariest things for those who are just now learning how to do some coding is the fact that they have to try to figure out what a seemingly impossible set of rules and structures means for the work that they are trying to do. It is not easy at all, and many people struggle with it in big ways. 
Fortunately, there are some people who are going about the process of destructuring code so that it may be broken into smaller and more manageable chunks. If this is to happen, then one can easily see how they can potentially get a lot more value from the process of coding, and even how they can contribute to it for themselves in the future. 
We need to be as encouraging of the next generation of coders as we possibly can because there is no question that they will ultimately have an outsized impact on how the future of coding is decided. If they are best set up to understand coding and to make sense of its many intricacies, then they will be able to handle it without problems. However, we need to support and encourage them along the way, and that all begins by making coding easier to understand in general.
The simplest example of destructuring is assigning the values of a vector.

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