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Liz Cheney’s Wyoming Fiasco Is The Prelude To Her Gadfly GOP Presidential Run


For Republicans who have had it up to here with being lectured by Rep. Liz Cheney about how sad it is that they lack the sterling character and integrity she possesses, there’s good news and bad news this week.
The good news is that despite raising enormous sums of money for a small market state like Wyoming, being the darling of the national corporate press and the standard-bearer for a state GOP family dynasty, Cheney appears to be about to suffer an epic primary rejection. Pre-election polls show her losing by 20-29 points to challenger Harriet Hageman, who was endorsed by Cheney’s nemesis, former President Donald Trump.
The bad news is that she still isn’t going away. To the contrary, expect her to receive as much if not more coverage in the next two years even after she’s booted out of Congress. That’s because, as she continues to hint in fawning interviews with liberal journalists, her crusade against Trump is just getting started. That, along with her avowals that she will not change parties, leads to only one inescapable conclusion.
She will likely run for the Republican presidential nomination in 2024 as a gadfly opponent to Trump or any other actual Republicans in the race. That will enable her to continue with what has proved to be a very effective Never Trump scam, which has given her otherwise outdated and irrelevant personal brand purpose.
So expect to still keep seeing a lot of her on left-wing cable news and broadcast channels posing as a GOP Joan of Arc on a mission to save her party and country from the bad orange man and the overwhelming majority of Republicans who still prefer him, warts and all, to the Bush-era Republicanism she represents.
Her House career is about to end because Wyoming voters believed she conned them. They think that not only because she voted for a sham impeachment of Trump but because she essentially joined the Democrats last year by agreeing to become part of the Jan.

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