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New York City hit with serious flooding, state of emergency declared


New York City has been hit with some serious flooding today because of rainstorms that began a downpour in the area Thursday night. By Friday morning the streets in many parts of the city were a mess. The governor has declared a state of emregency.
Heavy rainfall pounded New York City and the surrounding region on Friday, bringing flash floods, shutting down entire subway lines, turning major roadways into lakes and sending children to the upper floors of flooding schoolhouses. Gov. Kathy Hochul declared a state of emergency, urging New Yorkers to stay home and singling out those who live in basements to brace for the worst.
State and city leaders implored residents not to underestimate a storm that flipped from falling rain to fire-hose torrents in minutes. Ms. Hochul called it a “life-threatening rainfall event,” and Mayor Eric Adams called the storm “something that we cannot take lightly and we are not taking lightly.” The city’s residents, while largely caught by surprise, took heed and many stayed home and off the roads….
Boys and girls slogged through deep water on 11th Avenue to reach their elementary school classes while neighbors with rakes tried to clear storm drains of dense fallen leaves.
“No children are in danger as far as we know,” the governor said. But some schools asked parents to return during the storm to pick up their children, which school officials later said was “precisely the wrong thing to do.”
“Truthfully, holding school today knowing this was coming feels irresponsible,” said Jessamyn Lee, a Brooklyn parent of two.
New York City and New Jersey have also declared states of emergency. From what I can tell online Brooklyn seems to be getting the worst of it.
The situation is getting worse in Brooklyn as extreme flooding engulfs the streets. pic.twitter.com/17zvKHUJvg
AccuWeather (@accuweather) September 29, 2023

A little flooding in Brooklyn, New York this morning.

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