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Researchers in Japan translate chicken sounds with AI


Researchers from Japan said they created a machine learning model that can translate chicken sounds. University of Tokyo professor Adrian David Cheok said he and his team trained the model to associate specific clucks with emotional states. As a result, they claim it hits an “impressive accuracy rate of close to 80%.”
Artificial intelligence has been impressing the world lately by generating nearly anything we want, like pictures and articles. However, some scientists push the boundaries of this technology by making it perform tasks previously thought to be impossible. Specifically, this study may prove that AI could help us understand animals.
This article will explain how these researchers created a chicken AI translator. Later, I will cover similar AI programs that deal with multiple languages.
Professor Adrian David Cheok and his fellow researchers claim they created an AI model to analyze chicken vocalizations and identify them as six emotional states. The New York Post says these are hunger, fear, anger, contentment, excitement, and distress.
“It’s a cluckin’ great leap for science!” said Cheok. “And this is just the beginning. We hope to be able to adapt these AI and ML techniques to other animals and lay the groundwork for incredible intelligence in various animal-related industries.

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