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I revisited the Pixel 7 Pro. Now, I’m nervous about the Pixel 8 Pro


I’ve been using the Google Pixel 7 Pro again, and it has showed me the one thing the forthcoming Pixel 8 Pro needs if it’s going to succeed this year.
For the last week, I’ve been using the Google Pixel 7 Pro again, and for the most part, it was the speedy, attractive, capable, enjoyable, and familiar device I remember.
But over the weekend, I began to think a lot about its reliability, both positively and negatively, and how this is the one word we should all be thinking about when the Pixel 8 series arrives in the very near future.The Pixel 7 Pro’s good reliability
When I want to take great photos, the Pixel 7 Pro is exactly the kind of phone I want to have with me. I’m only too familiar with the sinking feeling I get inside when I am aware a phone camera’s ability and the quality of its shots can’t match my creative expectations. Doubt creeps into my mind when I tap the shutter button on phones like this, as I fear what I see with my eyes and imagine in my mind won’t — or simply cannot — be replicated by the photo. The Pixel 7 Pro is not this phone at all.
This weekend, I visited a cars and coffee event, and I didn’t expect to take many photos at all as it had been poorly attended the last time I went,. But I was pleasantly surprised to see a great lineup upon arrival. I was, therefore, also pleased the Pixel 7 Pro was in my pocket at this time, as I knew the camera wouldn’t disappoint — and I could show off why I feel this way about it. A few weeks earlier, I would have come armed with the Xiaomi 13T Pro, and its unreliable camera definitely would have given me that sinking feeling.
It wasn’t the first time I have appreciated the dependable camera since picking the Pixel 7 Pro back up either, as I’d been out on an evening walk as the sun was setting and knew the Pixel 7 Pro would be perfect to capture the atmosphere. Sure enough, the photos taken on that evening, along with those of the cars at the subsequent event, came out exactly as I hoped.

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