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Bitwarden vs LastPass 2023: Which Password Manager Is Best?


In this comparison between Bitwarden and LastPass, we explore their features, security, ease of use and pricing. Find out which password manager is best for you.
As the number of apps and services we use online increases by the day, so do the number of passwords we must remember. Before, it wasn’t unheard of for people to write down passwords in their notebooks or sticky notes. However, these methods may not be the safest or most efficient way to keep track of passwords today.
That’s where password managers like Bitwarden and LastPass come in — software specifically designed to store, encrypt and organize your passwords and other credentials securely. They also include additional features such as password generation and multi-factor authentication.
In this article, we compare Bitwarden vs. LastPass to see which one is best for you or your organization.Bitwarden vs. LastPass: Comparison table
Bitwarden and LastPass both offer core features you’d expect from a password manager, such as an encrypted password vault and a password generator.
Bitwarden stands out for its very generous free version that allows unlimited password storage and access on unlimited devices. Meanwhile, LastPass comes with numerous MFA options, such as YubiKey and fingerprint authentication.Bitwarden and LastPass pricing
Both Bitwarden and LastPass offer free versions of their password managers, but there’s a stark difference in their starting prices. At $0.83 per month, Bitwarden’s Premium plan is one of the most affordable subscription plans on the market. In comparison, LastPass’ Premium subscription at $3 is on par with other password managers like Dashlane at $3.33 and 1Password at $2.99.
For family plans, Bitwarden is marginally more affordable at $3.33 per month than LastPass’ Families at $4.00 per month — both of which include six accounts.
For their business subscriptions, Bitwarden wins on the affordability front once again. Its Teams Starter plan is $20 per month for up to 10 users, while LastPass’s Teams subscription is $4.00 per user per month for up to 50 users. A LastPass Teams plan for 10 users is equivalent to $40 — double the price of Bitwarden’s offering.
In terms of enterprise solutions, the two aren’t far off, with Bitwarden’s Enterprise plan pegged at $6 per user per month, while LastPass Business is at $7.00 per user per month. Both of these options allow an unlimited number of users.
If affordability is your main concern, Bitwarden is the more cost-effective option. However, LastPass offers free trials for all its plans, while Bitwarden only provides a free trial to their Families and Business subscriptions.Feature comparison: Bitwarden vs. LastPassZero-knowledge principles and overall security
While both password managers adhere to zero-knowledge principles with the aim of bolstering data security, LastPass’ password manager experienced two major data breaches in 2022. These data breaches resulted in data being stolen from LastPass and its customers.
LastPass announced that a malicious actor was able to gain unauthorized access to customer data consisting of encrypted fields such as website usernames and passwords, secure notes, and form-filled data and unencrypted data such as website URLs.

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