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Wall Street Journal: FYI, Biden Doesn't Really Want Ukraine to Win Either


One thing should probably be noted up front for this column: I’ve never been a fan of Volodymyr Zelenskyy and that has tainted my view of Russia’s war with Ukraine. Yes, I know that Putin is bad, and he shouldn’t be allowed to traipse willy-nilly about Europe saying, “This used to be ours so we’re taking it back.” That’s an especially bad standard for the justification of conquest to be set on that particular continent. 
I’ve often felt that Zelenskyy is far more interested in perpetuating the celebrity status he’s gotten since becoming the “Flag in the Social Media Profile” darling of the keyboard warrior activist set. I don’t truly believe that he doesn’t want to win the war, but I swear I get a vibe that he wouldn’t mind if it takes a while. 
My cynicism is raging like pubescent boy hormones these days though. 
Another thing that has bothered me for a while is that there haven’t seemed to be any endgame conditions placed on the hemorrhage of cash from the United States to the Ukraine war effort. Democrats like to use support for Ukraine as an election year political cudgel to distract from the fact that their president and his policies are an unmitigated disaster. They’ve created a false moral equivalence between Ukraine’s fight with Russia and Israel’s war on Hamas. Republicans who want to support Israel in any way possible but are reluctant to keep the American taxpayers’ checkbook open for Ukraine are taken to task in the media.

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