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Melania Trump 'She Knows' Airplane Photo Goes Viral


Trump’s former friend and aide, Stephanie Winston Wolkoff, shared the image of the erstwhile first lady.
A photograph of Melania Trump seated on a plane with the caption “she knows” has gone viral after it was shared the night before her husband Donald Trump’s Stormy Daniels hush money trial began in New York.
The enigmatic post was uploaded to social media by the former first lady’s one-time friend and aide, Stephanie Winston Wolkoff, her first hire after Donald Trump’s 2016 election victory. Winston Wilkoff has frequently shared her thoughts on the Trumps since stepping down from her post, following controversy around the funding of Donald Trump’s inauguration.
On Sunday—the eve of jury selection for Donald Trump’s criminal trial beginning in New York City—Winston Wolkoff shared the photo of the former model seated aboard an aircraft. In an accompanying caption, she took a swipe at Melania Trump and her husband, who is the presumptive GOP nominee for the 2024 election.
“I sat across from Melania Trump on her airplane and took this photograph on my iPhone.” Winston Wolkoff wrote. “Believe me, she knows … She and he are one in the same.” As of press time, the post has garnered more than 2 million views.
It was not clarified in the post exactly what Melania Trump purportedly “knows.

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