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Sydney Sweeney’s team fires back at producer who said ‘she’s not pretty’ and ‘can’t act’


Sydney Sweeney’s rep called out Carol Baum for ‘unjustly’ disparaging a fellow female producer after Baum said that Sweeney’s film ‘Anyone But You’ was ‘unwatchable.’
Sydney Sweeney’s team fired back at Hollywood producer Carol Baum for her “shameful” disparagement of the actor, calling Baum out for not supporting a fellow female producer.
Baum recently publicized her befuddlement over the “Euphoria” star’s booming popularity, marked by Sweeney’s roles in “The White Lotus,” “Madame Web” and “Immaculate.” But Baum appeared to be especially irked by Sweeney’s hit rom-com “Anyone But You,” a modern adaption of Shakespeare’s “Much Ado About Nothing,” prompting the producer to survey her film students at the USC School of Cinematic Arts about Sweeney’s appeal.
“I watched this unwatchable movie — sorry to people who love this movie —[this] romantic comedy where they hate each other,” Baum said during a New York screening of her 1988 film “Dead Ringers” (via Daily Mail). “I said to my class, ‘Explain this girl to me. She’s not pretty, she can’t act. Why is she so hot?’’’
The “Father of the Bride” and “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” producer said none of the students had an answer, but one student asked, “If you could get your movie made because [Sweeney] was in it, would you do it?”
“I said, ‘Well that’s a really good question … that’s a very hard question to answer because we all want to get the movie made and who walks away from a green light? Nobody I know. Your job is to get the movie made,” she said.
The producer’s remarks swept quickly across the internet, launching another round of think pieces about the 26-year-old star and her looks.

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