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These new iPhone camera tricks will change the way you take photos and videos forever!


Shocking differences in iPhone photo and video quality with super simple tricks/settings: Part 2!
In the first part of this story, we thought iPhone users how to:
Well, it’s part of the second instalment of this useful “tips and tricks” series. And just like the first set of tips and tricks, the following features take literally seconds to set up (or learn), and once you start using them, you’ll never look back!
Here are some of the truly magical iPhone camera tricks you’ll learn about down below:
How to edit hundreds of photos and videos in seconds – that’s not a joke, I promise
How to make the light in your iPhone photos and videos look more realistic every time, all the time
How to take a Portrait mode photo without the need to take a “Portrait mode” photo
How to take a stunning Portrait mode photo with almost zero light
How to use Action mode to get super smooth videos when recording through the window of a moving car
How to use the iPhone’s photo editor to draw the straightest, most perfect arrow to show your friend exactly where they should be looking in a screenshot
Like the first time, these aren’t just some “tips and tricks” I’ve picked so I can put together this article. I use every single one of them on my iPhone 13 mini and the iPhone 15 Pro Max I have for testing.
And while some of you might be familiar with some of the tricks and features listed here, I know you’ll learn at least one new iPhone camera trick, and if that’s the case, then you win $100… Aaand… I just checked, and the last bit is 100% not true.
On to the iPhone camera tricks…
Taking photos with iPhone will never be the same again: 10 secret iPhone camera features you need to try ASAP

Did you know you can “copy-paste” your photo/video edits on iPhone?
Honestly, I don’t recall the exact moment I learned this iPhone camera trick, but I promise you two things: For one, the moment I found out I can do that, editing photos/videos on iPhone became an entirely different process for me. And two, I genuinely believe this might be one of the most underrated iPhone features in history!
For those who already know it, of course, I’m talking about the ability to copy-paste photo/video edits for faster, consistent editing.
Go to your Photos app, edit a single photo/video to your liking > From the Editor, press the three dots in the top right corner > Copy edits > hit the Paste edits button > Keep pasting your edits on to different photos/videos. Or you know – just take a look at the video tutorial I’ve recorded…
Your iPhone camera (almost) always takes photos and videos that are too bright but the fix can be very simple

A mild example of overexposing. Left – original iPhone photo. Right – Brightness set to -30, Brilliance set to -20, Saturation set to -5.

A more apparent example of overexposing when taking a photo under artificial lighting. Default iPhone picture (left) vs a more realistic edit/rendition (right).

A classic example of iPhone brightening up Night mode photos too much (left). On the right, edited as follows – Exposure, Brilliance, and Brightness set to -50, Saturation set to -25, Vignette set to +15.

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