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: Hands-on with another Surface Pro 4 rival, or should that be Surface Pro 5?


Chris Martin | 06 Jan 17
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Although it’s been around for a good while, the Microsoft Surface Pro 4 has some new competition from Lenovo. At CES 2017 we took a look at the firm’s latest 2-in-1 hybrid laptop tablet so here’s our Lenovo Miix 720 hands-on review which features a Quad HD+ screen and Intel’s latest Kaby Lake processor. See also: Best 2-in-1 laptops 2017.
The market for Windows devices might have become a little more boring in recent years but Lenovo has done it’s best to excite with the Miix 720 describing it as “an all-purpose digital vehicle with state-of-the-art components that not so much blur as altogether eradicate the lines separating today’s work hard, play hard mentality.”
The Miix 720 was unveiled in Las Vegas with a hoard of other new laptops and will have a price starting at $999 (around £800 converted) which includes the keyboard. That’s a little more than the Surface Pro 4 but the Miix 720 has up to date specs and features.
Release date wise, the Lenovo Miix 720 will hit shelves in April – that’s fine but watch out for a possible Surface Pro 5 by or around that time.
Not much has changed when it comes to design and build compared with the Miix 700 Lenovo launched back in 2015 at IFA. The device is extremely similar to the Surface Pro 4 in concept and you could understandably say Lenovo is copying Microsoft here.
Whether or not it’s a clone, the Surface Pro 4 (and previous models) is a fantastic piece of technology so it’s a compliment to Microsoft that so many have tried to emulate it. After all, the Miix 720, like others, is a Windows machine so that’s good for Microsoft and competition is good for development.
With the Surface range, Microsoft set a high standard for build quality and Lenovo has impressively matched it with the Miix 720. The device is great looking and the metal alloys chassis is both light and strong.
As you’d expect, the backlit keyboard attaches and detaches as you please very easily with magnets (just the right strength) and like the Surface Pro 4 can be set at an angle if you don’t like typing on it completely flat.

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