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: Setting up a home storage solution doesn't have to be difficult


Benny Har-Even
| 21 mins ago
£239.99 inc VAT
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While many NAS drives, with their need for installing disks and using screwdrivers, have a rather techly feel about them, the WD My Cloud Mirror range is clearly aimed at the consumer. It’s a very compact unit with a pleasingly space age looking shell with curves rather than the harsh angular lines of most NAS. It looks more like WALL-E’s futuristic friend EVE, rather than well, WALL-E. Also see: Best NAS drives
It does however have quite a plastic feel to it and is less sturdy as other units we’ve tested. It’s a two-bay model and this 4TB models comes pre-populated with two 2TB disks preconfigured as RAID 1, so you get 1.96 TB of usable storage capacity, which doesn’t seem that much for a NAS these days. You can buy one with 16 TB, but that versions costs over £750. The 6 TB version could be the better value option. You can buy this 4TB version at Amazon.
If a drive does fail, or if you wanted upgrade you can access them simply just by popping the lid off on the top.
At the rear, there are two USB 3.0 ports and a simply Gigabit Ethernet port. Make sure your router and your computer have Gigabit Ethernet if you want to ensure you get the maximum speeds you can. There’s also a cable lock port for physically securing the drive and a reset button.
Set up was straightforward. You type ‘http://wdmycloud’ into your browser and from there you create a login password and an account for remote access. With no need to install disks or build the RAID you are up and running very quickly.
The main UI has a rather simplistic look to it but is designed to be easy to use.

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