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Something Blue in your Magical Moments


NewsHubNAPA, Calif. , Jan. 3, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — Imagine yourself standing joyously amongst family and friends at your wedding reception, and throughout the room, glasses are held high, filled with the most enchanting sparkling blue bubbly you have ever seen. It must be Blanc de Bleu Cuvee Mousseux Brut. Its delightful combination of taste, visual appeal and soothing color is why Blanc de Bleu is capturing the fascination of couples and wine drinkers everywhere!
Blanc de Bleu’s new USA website has just launched. Visit BlancdeBleuUSA.com to learn more about Blanc de Bleu’s story. The website also includes drink recipes and videos on how to make mixed drinks with your bottle of Blanc de Bleu. You can also locate a Blanc de Bleu retailer in your area when you click on the find our wine link.
Blanc de Bleu has plenty of charm and some history behind its creation. Bronco Wine Company is the worldwide producer of Blanc de Bleu, and is celebrating its 43 rd anniversary of wine making. Blanc de Bleu gives people a reason to celebrate. Champagne Master Bob Stashak explains, “the base wine of cuvee for Blanc de Bleu is the same fruit used in our high-end, methode champenoise programs. We add just enough organic blueberry juice concentrate to make a subtle impact. ” Blanc de Bleu’s charm wows us before our first sip. Beyond its elegant label is a blue bubbly that is seductive, and looks stunning inside a striking bottle. Blanc de Bleu is an original. The world’s first blue sparkling wine with all the attributes wine drinkers fantasize about; a dry, crisp taste, beautiful shade of blue, and elegance all wrapped in a veil of charm. Made with grapes grown in Northern California vineyards, known for their cool and clear breezes, Blanc de Bleu offers the complete package for a wedding or special celebration, and is truly different than any bottle of sparkling wine you have ever seen. It’s the one to captivate a room, inspire new beginnings, and create life-long memories. Available in 750ml and 187 ml bottles. Blanc de Bleu is a sparkling grape wine made with organic blueberry juice concentrate and certified color. Bronco Wine Company, Blanc de Bleu, Napa, CA
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