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Ten Deployment/DevOps Interview Questions You Should Know


NewsHubBridging the gap between development and the infrastructure teams is the deployment specialist. These days, the job is often titled DevOps specialist, indicating how these two worlds are being merged. You can see how this role started in ” Anatomy of a Software Development Role: Deployment. ”
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A: The goal here is to get the candidate to articulate what source control conditions should be met before a full build. For instance, there may be a requirement that third-party analysis tools be run before a build can be performed or scheduled. A candidate may also suggest that, in some cases, before code can be checked in for a build, it might need a code review.
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Author: Dustin Gaffke
A: A candidate should recognize that scheduled builds work well when there are a large number of developers on the team who may cause overlapping builds to happen (or to need to be prevented). On-demand builds are appropriate for projects with fewer developers, and when it makes sense for developers to iterate on each other’s work several times a day.
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Author: Dafne Cholet
A: A candidate’s answer should include how production data is moved to the QA environment on a schedule. They should mention how the data is partitioned, so only some of the data comes back to the QA environment, and how the data is anonymized where that is required.
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A: Environments should have barriers preventing them from talking to one another, so that the production system doesn’t use services from the developer workstations or the integration environments.

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